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About the Department of Computer Science and Applications

The Department of Computer Science was established in 2009. The prime focus of the department is to enhance the students’ ability to develop and sustain the transformative system to create future leaders. Our Department offers Under Graduate course (CS & BCA) and Post Graduate Course (CS). Excellent Infrastructure, Well qualified and experienced faculties form the backbone of the department.

Learning is a continuous process and does not end with the acquisition of a degree, especially because steady and rapid advances in computing technologies shorten the life of tools and techniques prevalent today. Therefore we do not aim to make our students walking manuals of any language or package. Instead, they are given a strong foundation in computer science and problem-solving techniques, and are made adaptable to changes.

The aim is to achieve a synthesis of academic excellence and formation of character through value based education, which is conducive to boost the inherent capabilities and confidence of the students to take up the challenges of the rapidly changing world. The department has excelled in its teaching-learning methodology and has consistent good academic track. It provides quality education and training in the areas of Computer Science and Applications. The department organizes National level conferences and Workshops, Guest Lecture, Industrial Visit and departmental extension activities in the latest areas of development in computer technology. Also it encourages the student and faculty to actively participate in seminars and conferences, conducted by various colleges.


To enhance technical empowerment of rural women for self and social upliftment.


–  Offering skill based technical knowledge to become self dependence.

– Molding rural students as socially responsible women through departmental extension activities.

Laboratory Facilities

Our computer labs are highly functional, with all the state-of-the-art features available on the tap. They are constructed to cater the various needs of the students, like academic purposes, digital learning and internet browsing. The knowledge and skills of our students can improve by multiple folds, and they can use these resources to complete their academic projects without any issues.  The laboratory can be used as a teaching lab with the support of projector facilities. We have also backed up the entire computer systems with high capacity UPS, and hence, there is no interruption whatsoever. Our computer lab, which has centralized air conditioning and many eminent features, is the best facility out there.

Laboratory Guidelines

  1. Students should maintain absolute silence and decorum in the lab.
  2. Students should use computers taking care of them as their own property.
  3. Students should leave their footwear outside the lab in the space allotted.
  4. The furniture in the computer lab should be kept intact.
  5. No student is permitted to shift or interchange any part of the computer with another.
  6. Log out and shut down the computer, when you leave.
  7. Use the Lab only for academic requirements.
  8. For any hardware problem, report to the system administrator.
  9. Students should refrain from downloading objectionable materials from the internet Violation of this rule will result in stringent disciplinary action.
  10. Personal programme files should not be installed in the computer for licensing and security reasons.
  11. Personal work files may be brought into the lab, but must be scanned for viruses prior to use.
  12. Hacking (attempting to gain unauthorized access to secured content, violation of system policies, virus creation or propagation, etc.) is prohibited.
  13. Violation of Lab rules will necessitate serious disciplinary action.