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“The Empowered women is Powerful beyond Measure and Beautiful beyond Description” – Steve Maraboli

The college magazine, “EMPOWER WOMEN” if a true mirror of the various cultural, intellectual, literary and co – curricular pursuits of both the college students and the teaching as well as non – teaching fraternity.

This year, volume 9 of “Empower women” was brought out underthe editorial board.


Rev.Mother C.Noel Rani, FASG


Ms.N Bharathi, Department of English


  1. N. Bharathi                                   Convener
  2. V. Sandhiya                                   Member
  3. P.Vinitha                                        Member
  4. K. Victoria Keren Happuch        Member
  5. P. Meena                                        Member
  6. J. Sakthidevi                                  Member
  7. N. Jayasudha                                 Member
  8. K. Sivashankari                             Member
  9. R. Thanal                                        Member
  10. M. Sathiya                                      Member
  11. K. Munirathinam                          Member

The magazine included detailed reports of campus activities and fascinating creative inputs for the year 2017 – 2018 put together. While providing the students a platform for expressing and nurturing their creative talents, the magazine also helps them to hone their intellectual skills as well as benefits in widening the horizon of their knowledge.

With separate English and Tamil sections as well as an elaborate photo gallery offering glimpses from the vibrant creative and cultural atmosphere of the college, “Empower women” contains among others, self-composed poems original short stories, travelogues and previously published and unpublished articles, by the both students and teachers. Apart from ‘Creative Expression’ in English, the various sections include campus activities, activities of various societies and detailed reports of college events, as well as Farewells of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs.

Over the successive years, our unique college magazine has been well received by the faculty and students. “Empower women” continuous to grow from strength to strength under the able guidance of colleagues who work closely with the team of students to publish the magazine. Everywhere “Empower women” is eagerly looked forward to by the contributors and connoisseur readers alike.