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Mathematics Reports



The Department of Mathematics was established with the UG Courses in 2009. PG course was started in 2012. The aim is to offer enriching learning experiences to aspiring young women students and ensure special talents in various domain of mathematics. They are prepared to face the life with confidence and courage. The department is under the vision to achieve academic excellence, develop talents as well as practical skills and healthy attitudes through systematic and effective teaching.

Mrs.Gilbert Sabinarani, was the Head of the Department & Staff in 2009-2010, Mrs. Annapurna, was the Head of the Department with 3 staff members in 2010-2011, Mr.Gopikrishnan was the Head of the Department with 7 staff members in 2011-2012, In 2012 PG Mathematics was introduced and Mr. S Anbarasu was the Head of the Department , 6 staff members were appointed, Mr. S Anbarasu was the Head of the Department with  staff members in 2013-2014. Mr. S Anbarasu was the Head of the Department with 16 staff members in 2013-2014.. Ms Sri Manju, was the Head of the Department with 14 staff member in 2014-2015. Mrs. S.Valliyammal, was the Head of the Department with 14 new staffs in 2015- 2016.  Mrs. J.Megala was the Head of the Department with  16 Staff members in 2016-2017.Mrs T  Sarala,  was the Head of the Department with 15 Staff members in 2017-2018. Mrs. F Silviya, was the Head of the Department with 13 Staff members in 2018. Mrs. K Sivashankari, was the Head of the Department with 13 Staff members in 2019. . In  2019 Mrs J.Megala became Head of the department, 9 new staff were appointed..


Enhancing Mathematical Skills among Youth and For Productive Live hood Options.


 To Explore New Knowledge By Inductive And Deductive MethodTo Bring Out The Innovative Capacities Through Problem Solving Activities and To Prepare The Student For Higher Learning As Mathematical Researcher.


Every year from 2016 onwards Bridge Course Conducted to the students to know the Basic Formulae, Simplification and Basic concepts by improving their Knowledge. It was very useful to the students to get centum and University Rank.


In this Activity Every Academic Year we choose  a staff as an Organizing President  and Three Students as student Secretaries to Organized Department Programmes.

Date Name of the institutions Seminars / Conferences / Workshop Participants Students/

Research scholar/Faculty

28.03.2021 Gonzaga College Of Arts and Science For Women, Krishnagiri. Financial Education Awareness Webinar 64 Students Participated
24.02.2021 to 26.02.2021 Government Arts College for Women, Salem-8. State Level E-QUIZ ON Picture Puzzle 2 Students Participated
21.02.2021 D.G Govt Arts College (Women) ,Mayiladuthurai. National Webinar On Career Advanement Programme For Faculaty Members. 2 Students Participated
19.02.2021 Gonzaga College Of Arts and Science For Women, Krishnagiri. Literary Pearelowe – 21. 18 Students I Prize-2

Ii Prize-2

13.02.2021  Marudhar Kesari Jain College jain for Women, Vaniyambadi.  National Seminar on Challenges in Revised NAAC Assessment and Aggregation Frame work 1 Staff Participated
11.02.2021 Don Bosco College (Co-Ed),Yelagiri Hills,Tirupattur- Dt. Latex For Effective Document Preparation. 4 Students, 1Staff Participated
10.02.2021  Marudhar Kesari Jain College jain for Women  National Level webinar on

“Role of Mathematical transformations in Real Time Applications

1 Staff Participated
29.01.2021 to 30.01.2021 Sri Vidyamandir Arts & Science College (A),Uthangarai. A Two Day International Conference On New Trends In Fuzzy Logic and Its Applications            1 Student Participated
21.12.2020 K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology. National Level e-quiz Competition,K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology            1 Student Participated
03.12.2020 05.12.2020 Mahatma Gandhi University,Nalgonda. National Conference On Mathematics and its Applications(NCMA-2020)           1 Student Participated
30.11.2020 Global Journal Of applied Engineering in Computer Science and Mathematics,ST.Joseph University,Nagaland,India G_JAECSMA_2020 WEBINAR(Basics Of Image Processing And Its Mathematical Insights 8 Students Participated
30.11.2020 Bannari Amman Institute of Technology ,Coimbatore National Webinar For Public Key Cryptography Using Semi Rings.              1 Student Participated
22.11.2020  Connecting local Communities and Service Initiatives Through Global Networking(50+Speakers,15


Service Organizations

 Let Us dream 2020

Triennial international Virtual Conference

1 Staff Participated
07.11.2020  Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai HOC Of Engineering& Technology,Rasayani  Research :How and Why? 11 Students ,2 Staff Participated
23.10.2020 Gonzaga College Of Arts And Science For Women.Krishnagiri State Level Webinar On Fourier Fractional Transforms and Its Applications in Differential Equations           168 Students,6 Other College Students,Faculty-33,Research Scholars-8 Participated
21.10.2020  Gonzaga College of Arts and Science for Women, Vaniyambadi.  National Webinar On Aranoolgalin puthiya Karuthakanggal 1 Staff Participated
10.9.2020                to 12.09.2020 Don Bosco College (Co-Ed),Yelagiri Hills,Tirupattur- Dt. International Conference on Mathematics and computer Applications 6 Students,2 Staff Staff Presented
26.08.2020  Franciscan Sisters of ST.Aloysius Gonzaga Education Commission  National Education Policy 1 Staff Participated
23.06.2020 Loyola College, Chennai. Enlightening Young Mathematicians In Teaching and Research 1 Student Participated
22.06.2020 AMET ,Chennai Webinar on Technological Tools For Digital Class Room 1 Student Participated
17.06.2020 Kaypeeyes College of Arts and Science,Kothagiri. One Day Webinar Entitled Food Safety 1 Student Participated
13.06.2020 Parvathy’s arts and Science College,Dindugul. Webinar On Encouraging Learning Engaging In Remote Learning 1 Student Participated
13.06.2020 Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College ,Tiruchy International Webinar Entitled Nutritional Genomics 1  Student Participated
04.06.2020 Shri Shankaralal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College For Women,Chennai One Day National Workshop On Competency and Career Opportunities 1 Student Participated
30.05.2020  Partician College Of Arts and Science,Chennai  Two Day  National Webinar On Fuzzy set Theory and Applications 1 Staff Participated
13.05.2020 St.Andrew’s College of Arts ,Science and Commerce Department of BAF,BMS& in association with LeapUp Edutech National Level Webinar on Value Investing-key to  Create Long Term Wealth 1 Staff Participated
07.02.2020 Gonzaga College of Arts and Science for Women Workshop on Importance of NET/SET 275 Students & 11 Faculty Participated
27.09.2019 Gonzaga College of Arts and Science for Women National Level Seminar on “Applied Mathematics’’ NSAM-19 348 Students,

2 Research scholars and 17 Faculty

Won Prize
06.09.2019 Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women National Level Seminar on “MODERN TECHNIQUES IN MATHEMATICAL   MODELING AND OPERATIONS RESEARCH” 11 Students and 1 Faculty Participated
28.09.2018 Gonzaga College of Arts and Science for Women National level seminar on “APPLIED MATHEMATICS” NSAM-18 380 Students, 8 Research scholars, 5 Faculty Participated
29.08.2018 Morappur Kongu College of Arts and  Science,Dharmapuri National Level Seminar 9 Students,2 Faculty Members Participated
18.09.2018 M.G.R. College, Hosur Intercollegiate     Cultural Meet, 4 Students Participated
15.09.2017 Don Bosco  College,  Dharmapuri Advancement In Mathematical Modelling and Probability Theory, 10 Students Participated
12.09.2017 Gonzaga college of arts and science for women National Level Seminar  on the topic “Fuzzy And Intuitionistic  Fuzzy Set Theory In Optimization” 368 Students,8 Research scholars, 5 Faculty Participated
27.09.2016 Gonzaga college of arts and science for women New Trends in Advanced Mathematics 664 students , research scholors and 12 Faculty members  


09.09.2015 Islamiah college vaniyambadi Numero-2015 competition K santhi ,S Rathnapriya III prize in clay modeling
S.Priya won III prize in Drawing
R Devipriya K.Saranya I in quiz competition
L Shiny Jenifer I prize in movie making
S Shenbagavalli I prize in pencil drawing
08.09.2015 Don Bosco college, Dharmapuri National level seminar on  Recent trends in advanced mathematics 10 Students. Participated
19.09.2014 Don Bosco college, Dharmapuri. Advanced trends in mathematics 9 Students Participated
09.09.2014 Vysya college, Salem Math Carnivel inter collegiate competition 34 Students Participated
4.09.2014 Gonzaga college of arts and science for women Areas in advanced mathematics 385 Students, 6 Research Scholars,6 Faculty Participated
29.10.2013 Sowdeswari College, Salem. Recent Advances and Applications of Statistics 20 Students, 2 Faculty Participated
02.09.2013 Vysha College, Salem . State level Inter collegiate competitions 2 Students,13 Students,

2 Faculty

Won Prize Participated
16.02.2013 Gonzaga college of arts and science for women Recent trends in mathematical analysis and its application 370 Students,8 Research Scholars,  7 Faculty Participated
22.12.2012 Mahindra College, Salem Applied Mathematics 10Student

1 Faculty

14.09.2012 Kamban Arts and Science college, Thiruvanamalai State level seminar on Fuzzy Normal Linear space 18 Students,

2 Faculty

08.09.2012 Vysya College, Salem Mathematics Oriented Competitions 14 students,

2 Faculty

I Prize

Rs.1000, Participated

04.09.2012 Don Bosco college, Dharmapuri. State level seminar on Recent Research and Development in Mathematics 12 Students,

1 Faculty

12.12.2011 Sacred Heart College , Tirupattur State level seminar 8 Students,

1 Faculty

06.08.2011 Don Bosco College, Dharmapuri State level seminar 10 Students,

1 Faculty



This programme enriches the structured understanding and personal development of the student. It develops soft skills and qualities, such as team work, independence, initiative and responsibility. It involves learning by doing.

Date Events/Programme
03.03.2021 Math Gala
 20.01.2020 Math Mania
10.08.2019 Latex Training Programme
05.01.2019 Workshop on Conceptual Mathematics
03.09.2018 Speech competition programme on “Nationalization of Rivers”
18.02.2017 Mathmela
10.09.2013 Guest talk on “Basics of Real Analysis”


Outreach activity include visiting schools , giving talks at assemblies, discussions with students or participation in events such as career fairs and science and technology camps.




Basic Maths Govt.Girls Hr.Sec School,Barugur.
09.07.2018& 10.07.2018 Basic Maths Govt .Hr.Sec, School Orappam



Basic Math,Shapes Govt .Hr.Sec, School Orappam
29.08.2016 Basic Math,Formula Govt .Hr.Sec, School Orappam


It is considered as a part of college curriculum. The objective of an industrial visit is to provide us an insight regarding internal working environment of the company.

Date Place Participants
02.10.2019 Yercaud              92 Students 09 Faculties
13.10.2018 Chennai 134   Students, 12 Faculties.


  • In 2020-2021 Two staff members Ms D.Dephene Thiyo Vincy, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Ms. J.Sylvia  , Assistant Professor of Mathematics has been awarded M.Phil Degree.
  • In 2019-2020 Two staff members Ms S.Vasuki, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Ms. A. Ranganayagi , Assistant Professor of Mathematics has been awarded M.Phil Degree.
  • In 2018-2019 Ms.F. SILVIYA, Head Department of Mathematics has been awarded Ph.D Degree


  • Anitha Roslin, A Discrete Model of Rossler System,in International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science.ISSN 2348-7550 volume 02,Issue 08,August 2014.
  • Divya,Analysis of discrete SIR Models and local stability,published in the IJST,journal volume-04,Issue 08,August 2016.
  • Nethravathy,Multi Series of generalized Fibonacci obtained from third orderq-difference equation global journal of pure and applied Mathematics,ISSN 0973-1768 volume12,number 3,2016
  • Theresa Selas,on the topic “Safe Transportation in fuzzy Environment”  on 06.10.2017 and were published in “International Journals of management and social science(IJMSS)”.
  • Theresa Selas – Economic order Quantity with Imperfect Quality items where shortages are backlogged in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment. Volume 6. Issue4,2018 ISSN 2349-7300.
  • Maheshwari S, Sivashankari K, Jeno. A Supplier selection using combined MCDM approach A Case study for laptop selection international Journal in IT and Engineering.
  • Maheshwari S,Sarala T Selection of cars using combined Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach,Vol.05 Issue-11 ISSN:2321-1784 International Journal in Management and Social Science.


S.No Name of the Experts
1 Dr.C.Thirugnana sambantham,Scientist Aeronautical Development Agency, Banglore
2 Dr.Ruban Raj,Head of the department,St.Josephcollege,Trichy.
3 Dr.G.BrittoAntony Xavier,Associate prof.PG and dept of mathematics from Sacred hearts college, Thirupattur.
4 Dr.R.srinivasan,Associate professor, PG and department of mathematics from Islamiah college vaniyambadi.
5 Prof.Mrs.SavithriShashidhar ,Associate Prof. from R.V college of engineering Bangalore.
6 Dr. A. SUNNY  KURIAKOSE,Dean(Student Affairs),Federal Institute of science and Techonology, Kerala.
7 Dr. V. Lakshmana Gomathi Nayagam,Associate Professor,National  Institute of Technology, Thirucharapalli, Tamilnadu.
8 Dr. Sunil Pandey,INTEL, Bangalore, Karnataka.
9 Dr.Geetha Sivaraman, Assistant Professor, St. Joseph’sCollege, Tirucharappalli, Tamilnadu.
10 Dr. S. U. Vasantha Kumar, Assistant Professor, Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Tirupattur
11 Mr. M. Meganathan,Assistant Professor, Sacred Heart College  (Autonomous), Tirupattur
12 Dr.V.Chandiran, Associate Professor & Head, Besant Theosophical College, Madanapalle, Chittoor Dt, Andhra Pradesh.
13 Dr.P.Narasimman, Assistant Professor, Thiruvalluvar University College of Arts and Science, Vellore Dt , Tamilnadu.
14 Mr.R.Suresh Kannan., M.Sc.,M.Phil., DACAP.,(CSIR NET & SET).Guest Lecturer in Mathematics,Madurai Kamaraj University Constituent Model Arts and Science College,Kappalur,Thirumangalam,Madurai,Tamil Nadu.
15 Mr. A. Ganesh M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Govt. Arts and Science College, Hosur,Tamil Nadu.


  • Students should learn Important Mathematics when they are using it in relevant contexts that R9equire them to apply what they know and to extend how they think.
  • To use Mathematics Creatively and Effectively in their Daily Lives and Careers.