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Student’s Council

Student Council was established this year on June 16, 2017 for the welfare of the students and enriched them with leadership qualities. The council is active in lending hands for the development of the college in organizing  programmes, maintaining  the discipline and setforth an example for the youngsters.

The members in their respective posts:

  1. Ms. F. Immaculate Chiristy,     President(II M.Com)
  2. Ms. K.R. Sindhu,                         Vice President(III B.A Tamil)
  3. Ms. U. Deva Dharani,                 Vice President(III B.Sc Computer Science)
  4. Ms. V. Veni Viswanathan,         Secreatry(III B.Sc Chemistry)
  5. Ms. P. Ramya,                              Treasurer(III B.Sc Biochemistry)

Members are:

  1. J. Karishma, II M.Sc Chemistry
  2. D. Elakkiya, II M.Sc Computer Science
  3. C. Indhumathi, II M.A English
  4. M. Shalini,II M.Sc Mathematics
  5. P.Vaishnavi, II M.Sc Physics
  6. L. Inbarasi, II M.A Tamil
  7. P. Nithila Deva Karunya, III B.Com(CA)
  8. R. Mythili,III BCA
  9. A. Shamsunisha,II B.Sc Costume Design & Fashion
  10. V. Megala, III B.A English
  11. B. Pavithra, III B.Sc Mathematics
  12. B.S. Gayathri, III B.Sc Physics