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Student’s Council


Student Council was established this year on June 16, 2017 for the welfare of the students and enriched them with leadership qualities. The council is active in lending hands for the development of the college in organizing programmes, maintaining discipline and setting forth an example for the youngsters.

The members in their respective posts:

Rev. Dr. A John Dayana – Convener
Ms. G Roshmitha – President

Ms. S Dharshini – Vice-President
Ms. J Sujitha – Secretary
Ms. A Sadhiya – Tresasurer

Ms. B Thrisha Reddy – Member
Ms. M Manjupriya – Member
Ms. S Manisha – Member
Ms. V Mamtha – Member
Ms. T Rifath Samreen – Member
Ms. M N Rakshitha – Member
Ms. J Aadhilakshmi – Member
Ms. D Annie Miracline – Member
Ms. S Kaviya – Member
Ms. V Meera – Member
Ms. A Hency Priyanka – Member
Ms. S M Aarthi – Member
Ms. R Priyadharshini – Member
Ms. A Arul Nancy – Member

2022 -2023

The members in their respective posts:

Rev.Sr A John Dayana, FSAG                Convener

Ms. K R Sindhu                                       President

Ms. S Sneha                                           Vice President

Ms. V Mamtha                                        Secretary

Ms. S Maseeha                                      Treasurer

Members are:

Ms. R Ezhilarsi

Ms. S Pavithra

Ms. R Sathiya Mala

Ms. B Premalatha

Ms. N Sindhu

Ms. V Priyadharshini

Ms. Pon Sivasankari

Ms. R Kaviya

Ms. S Emina Arockia Rani

Ms. A Krithika

Ms. B Nivedha

Ms. E Keerthana

Ms. D Monisha

Ms. P Indhumathi

Activity of students’ council and representation of students on academic and administrative bodies /committee of the institution







The established student council of Gonzaga College plays an integral role in the life the student community. Student council provides a representative structure through which students improved their skills by conducting various programmes in our college and undertake initiatives that benefits the college and the wider students’ community.

The presidents and the vice president are the torch Bearers of the student council. They act as a liaison between the management and other students of the college. They look into the effective functioning of the student body in organizing and conducting events throughout the year. They make sure every student’s opinion and interest are put forth and all the necessary requirements are initiated towards better development of the college.

The student council provides an opportunity for the students to engage in a structured partnership with students, staff and the management. Various committees of the institution help to improve the morale of the entire students’ community and employees by providing them an opportunity to exhibit their skills, innovative ideas and take the leadership to run the curricular and co-curricular activity throughout the year.

They assist different committees like anti ragging, Eco Club, NSS, YRC, RRC, Women’s Club, Exam cell, Parents Teachers Association, Placement Cell and Alumni Association during their turn. Above all the students who hail from remote area, should not suffer by language and thus to make campus language barrier free, SC take corrective measure in observing and give confidence to speak campus language, to make site good and healthy they promoted appreciation card who speaks English, keeps the class room clean, update notice board with the present information both in class room and in department, uses the silver water bottle and respect the elder etc.,

With the social concern they collected livelihood articles among the students and distributed to the poor in the villages during the pandemic covid 19.  They too select the poorest of the poor in the villages and bring them to the college during Christmas celebration to share the gifts by the managements to them.

They organize the charity day in which the volunteers both from staff and students prepare eatables, conduct games and entertainment, the collected amount purely offer to the poor people. They make themselves as the vibrant team throughout the year, Gonzaga College feels proud to have them.


“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa

The Student Council at Gonzaga College Degree and P.G. College is a body of student representatives who work along with the management acting as a bridge between the students and the administrative authorities. For the past years, student council members have been playing significant roles in conducting and organizing events at college level. Student Representatives are selected from the UG and PG courses in the college. The student council consists of around 18-20 members per year. The students are nominated from each department of UG & PG and there is a screening test to assess their knowledge about the college.

The selected students are asked to speak impromptu. This process is followed by a final round of interview. The students who excel in all the rounds and stand out from the others are selected as council members. These students who are diligent & responsible are capable of balancing academics and their duties as student council members, well enough. They live up to the mark in the academic area as well as co-curricular activities. The student council members are headed by the Head Girl from PG level assistant head by UG level.

The student council works round the clock and organizes various events on the occasions like Teachers day, Christmas, Independence Day, Republic Day, etc… They also initiate events or talk on Women’s day, Elections etc… The student council is a body that has representation in the Academic and Administrative Committees. The president from PG and vice president from UG are representatives for the Academic Council meetings that are organized every year. Their views and opinions are put forth and considered to be of utmost importance. They are also a part of IQAC/ AQAR committee and play a major role throughout the year. The student council members are also included in the committees of Resonance – Annual Intra-College Cultural, Literary And Fine Arts Fest. They are divided based on their portfolios into various committees present for the organization of Resonance such as Steering Committee, Documentation, Event, Risk Management, etc… The student council has representation in the committees for College Day and Awards Day.

They play a major role in organizing and carrying forward of such events.

The Student Council with no doubt remains the major body that helps the college function in all ways to reach out to the other students and also helps the various other committees of the college such as Women’s Cell, NSS, NCC, etc… They have been the backbone of the college for years and will continue to be so. They are active right from the day they are declared as leaders chosen to lead the college. Such a student council comes a blessing and the members of the council work as a team in parallel with the management to make college a better place for the students and staff.


Gonzaga College has certain systems of collaborators for academic and administrative purpose to bring out the best within its academic year; in that way the irony of Gonzaga’s richness lies in its different body’s one among them are Students council, who take active part in it. This body consist with the students’ representative from various disciplines. This team of blooming vibes headed with the student’s presidents, vice presidents, treasurer and secretary along with members. Once a month or on the need basis they gather and discuss the activity that is going to be implemented.

Usually they encouraged to have connections with the community, sustain good relationship with the Head of the Institution and other faculty. Working hand in hand with the college management in terms of needs and thus to minimize the level of disagreement. To act in the best interest of students’ they are guided to maximize full cooperation with the lecturers.

Gonzaga SCM organises

Campus clean-up day they collaborate with the different students committee. It’s a fun time to connect with friends and family while beautifying the premises, inside and out. Advocate for new programs to help students academically, socially, and mentally, emotionally.

Student council helps in share ideas, interests, and concerns with staff and Principals. Keep clean-up bulletin boards every now and then which belongs to their class and department by removing flyers for past events, putting on new papers, and decorating the boards for the current event

They sometime raise funds with the permission of head of the institution, for college-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people who in need during natural calamities.  Present an awesome gift to the seniors and the staff on farewell day and teachers’ day respectively.

Advocating for better campus spirit, leading by example is great because it embodies positive leadership and service. This can be attending college events – especially sports and College day spreading positive attitudes by smiling and greeting the chief guest, parents warmly, and representing the college well in the community through service and acting respectful.

2016- 2017

Geared toward the best from both academic and administrative within its academic year; Gonzaga College has certain systems of collaboration with the Students. The paradox of Gonzaga’s richness lies in its different body’s one among them is Students Council, whose passion is to speak for the entire inmates of the institution and tries to minimise the students issues. With this great motto SCM instituted on 16 June 2017.

This body consist with the students’ representative from various disciplines. This team of blooming vibes headed with the student’s presidents, vice presidents, treasurer and secretary along with members. Once in fortnight or in need basis they gather and discuss the activity that is going to be implemented. In every aspects of the programme the presidents plays the pivotal role in contributing her ideas for promoting students potentials.

The benchmark of SCM in administrative:

They admin daily assembly, in every corner of the corridor they stand and admit the students to attend the assembly without fail.  Coordinates students to be class after brunch and lunch break; mind the discipline during students gathering; maintain cleanliness, they report the office in regard with filthy. Always come to the college regularly and  look modesty.

The benchmark of SCM co-curricular activities

They lead the celebrations like Diwali, Pongal, Ramzan and Christmas. They celebrate teacher’s day by organising student’s collective programme and in grand manner. During sports and annual day celebration their contribution is in high in ranking. They will be appreciated and awarded by the chief for their entire service throughout the year.

The benchmark of SCM Extra – curricular activities

According to the need of the society that is during flood, they work with the administrator in collecting goods, contributing to the society and identify the needy and gives preference is done by the SCM.