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All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF)

 Auxilium College Unit Adviser:  Ms. L. Sofia

The All India Catholic University Federation is a movement of University students and is often indicated by the Acronym, AICUF.  AICUF is well known for its dynamic involvement in social issues. It helps students evolve spirituality that has humanization as its core, through involvement and reflection.

The objectives of AICUF

  • To analyze socially the various situation in India and Tamilnadu and to approach the society with social awareness.
  • To be the voice of the voiceless for their rights.
  • To create spirituality centered on human kindness within students.
  • To prepare the students to respond to the social issues in today’s context.

Motto – “We are born in an unjust society, and we are determined not to leave it as we have found it”

Year Convener Date Events/ Programme
2014-2015 Sr.A. Nirmala Jothi 18.09.2014 One day orientation programme
27.12.2014 4 days TN-AICUF cultural training programme

& 17.01.2015

TN-AICUF cultural training programme



MAGIS’ 15 – State level youth conference
24.02.2015 Two days workshop
2015-2016 Sr.A. Nirmala Jothi 17.07.2015 Guest lecture on media today & its challenges
20.07.2015 Anti liquor campaign
18.12.2015 Gust lecture on human rights
2016-2017 Ms. L. Sofia 20.07.2016 AICUF inauguration, Personality development, Leadership quality



Retreat for the youth
30.09.2016 Respect for the third gender
09.01.2017 Current issues in socio economic problem
2017-2018 Ms. L. Sofia 01.08.2017 Is your teen self-aware



Rally                                                                      3 days cultural training program
06.02.2018 Talk on Life
2018-2019 Ms. V. Nivetha 09.07.2018



A report on village exposure
16.07.2018 Mission & Vision of AICUF
27.08.2018 Rally on  “Plastic free society”



Retreat for the youth


Apart from the above activities, our college also extends its arms to the people who are the victims of natural disaster like cyclone, flood etc..These activities make our students communally responsible and act sensitively to the social issues.


The Vardha cyclone hit most part of Chennai and affected the livelihood of people. The team members comprise of our Secretary Rev.Mother C.Noel Rani, FSAG, Principal Dr.A.Joseph, SJ, Vice Principal Rev.Sr.E.Glitta Sumangali, FSAG, staff and student volunteers went to Kancheepuram and nearby villages and helped the transgenders. We gave the basic requirements for the victims of the cyclone.

07-08-2017 Planting tree saplings and Seed ball making

The college management also planted around 330 saplings like red sanders collected from the forest officials near Puthur lake and also gave 100 saplings to Government and Private schools in view of protecting our environment.

In today’s situation growing plants is important to control the pollution. Our College made this possible by dispersing 1000 seed balls near the village road and highways road.

12-12-2017 OCKHI CYCLONE

The cyclone lashed many parts of Tamilnadu. Our college authorities, staff and student volunteers dispatched the relief materials to Midalam at Kanyakumari district. We served the needy people with compassion and prayed for the betterment of the lives of the affected people.

02-12-2018 GAJA CYCLONE

The cyclone affected many parts of Nagapattinam district. Our Secretary Rev.Mother C.Noel Rani, FSAG, Principal Dr.S.Maheshwari, SJ, Vice Principal Rev.Sr.E.Glitta Sumangali, FSAG, staff and student volunteers of around 60 members went to Nagapattinam and distributed Rs.5 lakhs worth relief materials to the cyclone victims. Our management and all teaching faculty and staff of our college have contributed their one day salary for the

betterment of delta regions affected by Gaja cyclone. We bought tarpaulins, clothes, solar lamps, breads, sanitary items, bedsheets, biscuits, candles, mosquito coils, medicines and eatables. We helped all those in need by distributing food packets to the affected people. We also psychologically empathized for the hope of their life.


Our college took initiative in dredging the Madanakuppam Lake near Varattanapalli which serves as a water source for the nearby village people. Our college contributed the amount for dredging of the lake and our staff took part in the work of cleaning.

23-08-2018 – KERALA FLOOD

The flood in Kerala affected a lot of people throughout the state. The people were in need of help on an urgent basis. Our college authorities, staff and student volunteers collected relief goods and we sent it to the flood victims of Kerala. We purchased certain basic requirements like biscuits, clothes, napkins, milk powder, candle, towels, bed sheets and grocery items which are requested by them. Our management community, staff, students and parents were very keen and generous in contributing towards relief operations. We also prayed that our God’s Own Country should recover from this tragic situation.

Inaguration Photos:

Resepect – Third Gender:

Awareness of current issues