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About The Department of Biochemistry

Profile of Our Department

The Department of Biochemistry was established with the UG course in 2016 .  The aim is to offer enriching learning experiences to aspiring young women students and ensure special talents in various medical terms of Biochemistry. They are prepared to face the interviews confidently and get attractive placements. The department is under the vision to achieve academic excellence, develop talents as well as practical skills and include healthy attitudes through systematic and effective teaching.


Providing optimum academic environment to prepare professional graduates in the field of Biochemistry.


  • To educate young women in the theory and practice of biochemistry and molecular biology.
  • To generate and to disseminate new knowledge through research in the fields of biochemistry
  • To contribute the finding solution of scientific, medicals and industrial problems facing the development plans in the kingdom.


Biochemistry Lab

Instruments and Equipment

  • Photoelectric Calorimeter
  • Electrical Centrifuging Machine
  • Microscope