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Physics Reports



The department was established in the year 2010 under the assistance of Sr. E. Glitta Sumangali, FSAG, Head of the department with 2 staff members. The main objective is to stimulate the minds and hearts of the rural students’ relentless curiosity and dynamic involvement in Physics. The faculty members are very active in reaching out to students imparting varied effective methods of learning skills.A well-equipped and spacious lab is provided to inspire students to explore creatively hypotheses through experimentation. Remedial measures like special and coaching classes are conducted apart from class hours. The department was uplifted as the post graduate department in the year 2013 and M.Phil in the year 2016.Over the years the Department has steadily grown and currently the staff’ intake is 12 and 3 lab assistants.


  • Imparting quality Physics education to the rural young women


  • To provide comprehensive understanding of Physics principle
  • To train young women think scientifically
  • To equip them with practical skills
  • To promote ethical principles in physics research and creative activities
  • To develop all round personality and social concern


The Physics association was inaugurated by Dr.A.AlbertIrudayaraj, Associated Professor, Sacred Heart College (Autonamous), Triupattur on 16 September 2019. The association secretary, Joint secretaries from each class are elected by student under the guidance of head of the department, organizing president and all the staff members in every year.The physics association createsleadership quality, organizing capacity and expose talents through conductingnational and international level seminars, conferences, workshops on current topicsby expert key note speakersamong the students. Also the association encouraged students to present and participate in conferences organized by various institutions to develop their research activities.

Date Name of the Institution Seminars / Conferences / Workshop Participation

Students /Research scholars/ faculties

16.03.21 Gonzaga College of Arts and Science for Women, Kathampallam “Webinar on Modeling on How to publish Research Article in Sci/Scopus Journal” 146 Students

21 Faculties

13.02.21 Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women,Vaniyambadi National Level Challenges in Revised NAAC Assessment and Accrediation Framework 2 Faculties Participated
29.12.20 Mohammed Sathak College


Effect Disaster and its precaution by science based 1 Student Participated
20.12.20 Sophia girls College Ajmer (Autonomous) Pandemic `over years 1 Student Participated
19.12.20 PSG College


Flood management ,Water management across states 1 Student Participated
06.02.20 Don Bosco College (Co-Ed), Yelagiri Hills, Tirupattur District “A Webinar : Insights on ERP” I Faculty Participated
05.08.20 to 07.08.20 Gonzaga College of Arts and Science for Women, Kathampallam Three Day Online Faculty Development Programme on

“e-Pedagogy: Digitally Enhancing Teaching and Learning“

7 Faculty Participated
01.06.20 Don Bosco College


Online Quiz on “Basics of Physics’’ 1 Faculty Participated
17.02.20 Government Arts College for Men, Krishnagiri International Workshop on Emerging Trends in Crystal Growth 20 Students

1 Faculty

04.10.19 Gonzaga College, Kathampallam National  Seminar on Recent Advances in Material Science and Technology 285 Students

20 faculties

13.09.19 Auxilium College (Autonomous) – Vellore State Level Seminar On Material Sciene 11 Students

1 Faculty

22.08.19 &


Government Arts College, Dharmapuri International Conference on Advanced Materials for energy and environmental applications 12 Students

1 Faculty

 Best oral presentation prize and  1 – Presented paper
05.04.19 Government Arts College for Men, Krishnagiri National Seminar on Research Technique and Methods on Material Characterisation RTMMC-2019 19 Students

1 Faculty

15.10.18 Gonzaga College, Kathampallam International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (ICAMN 2018) 175 Students

5 Faculties

11.10.18 & 12.10.18 VIT, Vellore International workshop on materials technology and applications 14 Students

2 Faculties

31.08.18 01.09.18 KSR College of Arts and Science for women Advanced nanomaerials for energy , environment and health care applications 3 Students

1 Faculty

31.08.18 Donbosco College Dharmapuri Recent advances in solar thermal systems 11 Students

1 Faculty

27.08.18 & 28.08.18 PachamuthuCollegeof arts and science for women Dharmapuri International Conference On Material Science &Technology 2018 16 Students

1 Faculty

05.10.17 Gonzaga College, Kathampallam International Conference on Materials Science and Technology (ICMST 2017) 180 Students

6 Faculties

21.09.17 Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Tirupattur Intercollegiate Physics Meet 2017 4 Students

1 Faculty

11.01.17 Government Arts College (Men), Krishnagiri Research methodology in Physical Science 23 Students

5 Faculties

19& 20.12.16 Sri VidyaMandir Arts and Science college, Uthangarai International Conference on Modern Materials research 2016 6 Students

1 Faculty

14.12.16 to 16.12.16 Vellore Institute of Technology International Conference on Material processing and Application 19 Students

2 Faculties

01.12.16 Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur Systematic investigation of structural morphological and optical properties of materials 4 Students

3 Faculties

II & III Prize in Presentation
23.08.16 Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur Workshop on Functional Materials and Spectroscopy 20 Students

3 Faculties

23.07.16 Adhiyamaan arts and science college for women, Uthangarai Workshop on Recent Trends And development in Nanotechnology 9 Students

1 Faculty

22.07.16 Gonzaga College, Kathampallam National Conference on Innovative Material Science (IMS’16) 155  Students

4 Faculties

21.07.16 E.K.R Arts and Science College, Dharmapuri National conference on gravitate application in nanotechnology 5 Students

1 Faculty

20.02.15 Madhura Kesari Jain College,Vaniyambadi


National seminar on Advanced Materials 18 Students

3 Faculties

12.02.15 Sri Ganesh Arts & Science College, Salem National seminar on Advanced Materials 4 Students

1 Faculty

11.02.15 Mount Carmel College, Bangalore A Multi-Disciplinary approach 3 Students

2 Faculties

I & III prize in Presentation
25.08.15 Gonzaga College, Kathampallam National level Seminar on Emerging Trends in

Material Science

150 Students

5 Faculties

27.02.15 Vellore Institution of technology Sci Gather 2015 15 Students
3 Faculties


Sacred Heart College,Tirupattur International Conference on Smart Materials 2015 6 Students

2 Faculties

30.01.15 Jairam Arts & Science College, Salem State level seminar on Inter College Technical Meet 11 Students

1 Faculty

28.08.14 MorappurKongu College of Arts & Science State level seminar on Laser & Spectroscopy 5 Students

2 Faculties

16.08.14 Gonzaga College, Kathampallam State level Seminar on Recent Trends in

Advanced Materials

120 Students

6 Faculties

Sri VidhyaMandhir Arts and Science College, Uthangarai National Conference on Advanced materials 2014 8 Students

4 Faculties

12.09.13 Don Bosco College of Arts and Science, Dharmapuri National Conference on Advance in Material Science 14 Students

3 Faculties

14.08.12 Gonzaga College, Kathampallam State level Seminar on Recent trends in harnessing of Non-Conventional energy resources 180 Organized
20.02.12 Sacred Heart College Tirupattur Recent Trends in Developing Materials 6 Students

1 Faculty

1 – Presented
24.01.12 Don Bosco College, Dharmapuri Recent Trends in Advanced Material Science 6 Students

1 Faculties



To enrich the student knowledge, the physics association organized various competitions, paper presentations, special lectures, science exhibitions, debates and group discussions.

Date Events/Programme
16.03.21 “Webinar on Modeling on How to publish Research Article in Sci/Scopus Journal”
10.03.21 Science day Celebration
11.02.20 Quiz competition- 2020
23.01.20  Science Day Celebration
30.01.19 Celebration of Science Day
11.09.18 Synthesis and Analysis of  Nano Materials
14.08.18 Intra Department Physics Exhibition ‘2018’
02.08.17 Workshop on Spectral Identification and Analytical Applications of Spectroscopy
06.07.17 Invited Talk on Nanomaterials
01.07.16 NET / SLET Coaching Session on Electronics & its Application
25.06.16 NET / SLET Coaching Session On Electronics & its Application – I
11.01.16 Workshop on Role of Nano materials in Sensors
09.11.14 Special Lecture on how to Prepare for competitive examination(SET/NET/CSIR)
25.01.14 Special Lecture on Synthesis & Characterization of NLO Materials
22.01.13 Physics Exhibition
04.01.12 Special Lecture on Non Linear Optics
29.08.11 Special Lecture on Frontiers in Physics
16.08.10 Special Lecture on Physics in Everyday Life


Industrial visit is considered as one of the strategic methods of teaching. The main reason behind this industrial visit was to let students know things practically through interaction and working methods. After visiting an industry tour the students gained a combined knowledge about both theoretical and practical.

Date Place Participants
09.08.15 Vainu Bappu Observatory,Kavalur 55 Students
17.04.15 Birla Planetarium,Chennai 75 Students


The aim of the outreach programme was to strengthen the relations between society and colleges. Physics Association conducted awareness programmes in schools and women’s self-help groups.

Date Programme Venue
29.01.16 Lieraphy’16 Gonzaga College
14.12.15 Awareness Exhibition on Electric Power Saving At Home – 14 December 2015 IVDP Office, Krishnagiri
08.12.15 Scope of Physics on 8 December 2015 Government Higher Secondary School, Orappam



Basic Practical Training Program  – 26 and 27 November 2015 Physics Laboratory, Kathampallam
18.10.13 Festophy’13 Gonzaga College


Rev.Sr. E. Glitta Sumangali received doctoral degree in the year 2019.


Faulty name Title of the paper
Dr.Dineshkumar Hydrothermal  and magnetic  property  studies of Multiferroic YMnO3 Nano rods
Dr.Dineshkumar Low Temparature of Hydrothermal  synthesis and magnetic studies of YMnO3 nanorods
Dr.Dineshkumar Synthesis ,Annealing effectand magnetic behaviour of TBMnO3 Nanoparticle
Dr.Dineshkumar Facile hydrothermal synthesis magnetic studies of LAfeO3nanospheres for visible light photocatalytic application
Dr.Dineshkumar Synthesis ,morphology and optical properties of LaFeo3
V.Narsimmn Tin sulfide thin films deposited by spry pyrolysis technique using  perfume  atomizer
R.Thanal Anisotropic growth of silver nano structures  from silver nano structures from silver spheres by a simple chemical reduction rotate
Dr E.Glitta Sumangali Doping effects on Malic Acid on the grown lithum sulphate monohydrate oxalate single crystals
Dr .E.Glitta Sumangali Investigation on Zn (II) doped lithium sulphate mono hydrate single crystals
R.Thanal Investigation on the properties of pure and strontium doped NiO nanoparticles by coprecipitation
R.Thanal Study of optical and morphological properties of lead sulphide nanoparticles with different capping agents


1 Dr.S.Veeraragahavan,Retired Professor,Sacred Heart College,Tirupattur
2 Dr.A.AlbertIrudayaraj,Associated Professor,Sacred Heart College (Autonomous),


3 Prof. S. Sundaram, Professor, Government Arts College (Men), Krishnagiri.
4 Dr. S. Kalainathan, Director, Centre for Crystal Growth, VIT, Vellore District.
5 Dr. A. Dhayal Raj,Assistant Professor,Sacred Heart College (Autonamous),


6 Dr. R. Robert, Assistant professor, Department of Physics, Goverenment Arts College (Men), Krishnagiri.
7 Dr. B. Vigneshwari, Assistant professor, Department of Physics, Government Arts College (Men), Krishnagiri.
8 Dr. S.A. Martin BrittoDhas., Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Sacred Heart College (Autonomous), Tirupattur.
9 Prof. M. Selvapandiyan,Assistant Professor,Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College,



  • Organizing job oriented certificate courses.
  • Stimulating Students and staff to do Funded Projects.
  • Organizing life scoping skill training programme like repairing the electric equipments used in day today life for example repairing mixi.