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Social Work Event Organized with Report


The Department of Social Work began at Gonzaga college of Arts and Science for women in 2020. The institute offered a Master degree program in social work and inaugurated the postgraduate program in11 th November 2020. Since then the department has come a long way to what it is today.

The department has seen the stewardship of doyens in the field, beginning with Rev. Dr. A. Anthuvan Reclin . BSW., MSW., M.phil., Ph.D. and Rev. Sr. K. Jansi Sagaya Mary.,MA.,  MSW., Who was the pioneer  of this department,  later in second semester MS. D. Saleth Mary MSW  has appointed for  Human Resource Management( HR) . We appreciate all the Assistant professors who served the department till date imparting knowledge, values, skills and attitudes required for responsible and respectable individuals.

The department is a flagship of the college with postgraduate programmes. It translates the St. Aloysius Gonzaga values to practice through professional interventions. Our 3 faculty members and 15 students work as a unit to achieve the ideals of social work. In the field of academics, we have a fully follow the syllabus from Periyar University, Salem. In terms of training our students in practical social work, we collaborate with over few organizations in different settings including industrial, community, and medical, psychiatric.

We have several co-curricular and add-on programs to build the skills of the students. Our students carry out these programs vibrantly along with our enthusiastic staff members by organizing child fests, seminars, conferences and guest lectures by renowned personalities.

The department of social work enlightens everyone to respond with apt interventions for social transformation. We are pleased with dedicated staff and students for their innovativeness, interest and initiatives in every sphere of academic program and in forming girls for others.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. -Helen Keller.  Let your Light Shine!!


The College has shaped its vision in tune with the spirit of its founders to contribute to building up of a new social order in India based on human dignity and social justice. The College constantly stands by its commitment to work with a preferential option to the vulnerable and exploited groups in the society, to ensure their development and empowerment.


Contribute to building a new social order based on human dignity and social justice.  Work with a preferential option for the vulnerable and exploited, both locally and globally. Build a cadre of young, competent professionals having a global perspective and a strong value base of compassion, personal integrity, moderation, tolerance and self-respect.

 Objectives of this Course:

The objectives of the MSW course is focused on preparing the candidates for a career in Social work through a professional training programme aimed at developing in them:

  1. Scientific knowledge about the dynamics of problems and issues in our society.
  2. An ability to critique the ideologies that lead to systematic domination and marginalization of vulnerable groups.
  3. Necessary skills of awareness, skills aiming at empowerment of people and skills in culture-sensitive methods of social change.
  4. Ability to apply skills in social work practice and social work research in different fields for achieving desirable change, development and empowerment of people.
  5. Attitudes and values necessary for working with people and organizations for achieving the goals of the social work profession namely:
  • To enhance people’s capacity for social functioning;
  • To improve the quality of life for everyone;
  • To promote social justice;
  • To provide opportunities for people to develop their capacities to become participating and contributing citizens.\

 Courses Offered

MSW- Master of Social Work


  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
  3. Youth and Community Development

Programme Specialization (PS) Courses: There shall be two specializations for the MSW programme –Community Development (CD), Medical and Psychiatric Social Work (MP) for the choice of students. The specialization selected by a student at the beginning of the third semester will continue for the fourth semester. There will be two courses each, under each of the

Observation Visit






Rural Camp (Photos)










Learning Folk  (Photos)










Field Work (Photos)










The students have gone for Block placement in respective specializations

Specializations Name of the industries Place
Human Resource Management Sri Devaraja Agro Industries Krishnagiri.
GEM Sugars Limited Group of Company’s Karnataka
Raja Magnetics Ltd Elumichangiri
Guru SDB private limited Chennai
ATC Limited Hosur
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd Hosur
Deccan Iservices pvt. Ltd.. Villupuram
RRMEL India Private limited Chennai
Sunglow pharmaceutical pvt ltd. Pondicherry
Fenesta Building Systems Chennai
AGM- Human Resource and Complaints

First steps Baby wear PVT. LTD

Tenneco Automotive India Pvt.Ltd., Hosur
Ascent circuits pvt Ltd Hosur
Hanon Systems Pvt Ltd Chennai
Medical and psychiatric G.P Multi Specialty hospital Kaveripattinam
New Life Naturopathy yoga and acupuncture hospital  Hosur
Gunam Super Speciality hospital Hosur
Sri  Ganahes Hospital Barugur
Kauvery hospital Hosur
Little Star therapy center Hosur
Youth in Development WINDEY TRUST Kulithalai
SRDO ( Society for Rural Development Organization Trust Thogamalai
Sundratamil Charitable Trust Tirupattur
Centre for Health and Gender equality (CHANGE)Trust Tirupatthur