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About National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS), a voluntary and value based youth programme is one of the major youth schemes being operated in the ministry of youth affairs & sports. It was launched during the birth centenary celebration of Mahatma Gandhi on 24th September 1969.

The objectives of NSS

  • To render service to the community while studying in an educational institution.
  • To arouse the social conscience among students..
  • To provide them with an opportunity to work creatively and constructively with the community around the educational campus.
  • To put the education they receive to concrete social use.

Motto: ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’.

Year Programming Officer Date Events/Programme
2019-2020 Ms. K P Vigneswari 11.09.2019 Campus Cleaning
20.01.2020 Voters Day Awareness
20.02.2021 Campus Cleaning
2018-2019 Dr.P.Thiravida Prema 28. 06.2018 Campus Cleaning
13.07.2018 Plastic Free Awareness
21.07.2018 Campus Cleaning
14.08.2018 Campus Cleaning
13.09.2018 Campus Cleaning
18.09.2018 Eye Camp and Blood Check up
13.10.2018 Campus Cleaning
07.12.2018 Campus Cleaning
10.01.2019 Campus Cleaning
04.02.2019 Campus Cleaning
25.02.2019-                  03.03.2019 NSS Special Camp
07.03.2019 Campus Cleaning
03.04.2019 Campus Cleaning
2017-2018 Dr.P.Thiravida Prema 21.07.2017 Campus Cleaning
1.08.2017 Independence Day Programmes
to Class rooms, Laboratories Cleaning
15.08.2017 Chinna Orappam Village Cleaning
Tree Plantation
Awareness Programmes
31.08.2017 Campus Cleaning
14.02.2018 NSS Special Camp
2016-2017 Dr.P.Thiravida Prema 25.07.2016 Campus Cleaning
20.08.2016 Campus Cleaning
01.09.2016 Awareness of Dengue Programme           (Rally and Village Cleaning at Orappam)
10.07.2016 One day Workshop on “The Elements and Principles of Art Design”
15.12.2016 NSS Special Camp
11.01.2017 Slogan Writing
One Student One Tree
25.01.2017 7th Voters Day Awareness Programme
2015-2016 Ms.M.Thenmozhi 14.07.2015 Campus Cleaning
15.10.2015 Youth Awakening Day
25.10.2015 National  Voters Day Awareness
12.12.2015 NSS Special Camp
2014 -2015 Ms.S.Pavithra 20.08.2014 Inauguration of Extension Services
25.08.2014 Tree Plantation
31.10.2014 Swachh Bharat
01.12.2014 World Aids Day
25.01.2015 National Voters Day Rally
2013 -2014 Ms.S.Pavithra 21.10.2013 Campus Cleaning
28.10.2013 Tree Plantation
06.01.2014 Seminar on Entrepreneur Development Skills
10.01.2014 Campus Cleaning
20.01.2014 Consumer Education and Awareness Competition
25.01.2014 Voters Awareness Rally
26.01.2014 Republic Day Celebration
01.03.2014 Cultural Talent Festival