Today : 4-07-2022, Viewers: good hits

Parents and Teachers Meet

A significant institution’s technique for building a favorable ambiance between students and the college is the Parents-Teachers Association. We found it as the right time to organize the Parents Teachers Association on March 19, 2022, before it faces unexpected another lockdown. It had been two years since the stakeholders had convened. As a result, we were shocked by the sheer enormity of this huge assemblage. The college’s new venture initiatives and academic rise were sparked by FSAG Secretary and Principal, Rev. Mother C Noel Rani and Rev. Dr. E Glitta Sumangali, respectively. The college’s new academic ambitions and endeavors piqued the interest of parents. Parents were ecstatic to see their children’s performance in the theme dance. They also had one-on-one meetings with tutors and got updates on their daughters’ progress, as well as the option to submit input via a feedback form. Parents’ presence was felt throughout the day on the college campus by interacting with the staff.